Friday, July 20, 2012

another dissatisfied Pulte customer

"Pulte Homes has an extensive history of this sort of thing. I know—I own a Pulte house—in a Pulte development on the SC coast. In 2006 I discovered that roof truss connections in these houses were woefully inadequate. I’m a retired civil engineer. The building code requires that houses in this location must be capable of withstanding a 130 mph hurricane force wind. It was obvious to me when I saw the roof truss connections that they could not. I came to find out that Pulte decided to substitute two nails for the hurricane clip called for on construction drawings. That’s bad enough; but, many of the connections that I saw had no nails, one nail, nails that completely missed their target, nails in split wood, etc.—woefully inadequate.

Currently, in Schertz TX, foundations for homes in a Pulte development have completely failed due to expansive soils, and the fact that the foundations don’t have steel reinforcement (rebars). Unlike our houses a completely failed foundation is fatal.

If you want to know more about Pulte’s shoddy construction, see my blog: . Good luck with Pulte Homes. Most of us have found that Pulte’s SOP is to deny, deny, deny and delay, delay, delay. If the problems are “manageable”, then most of us have fixed them ourselves."

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