Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Pulte Homes, "Master BSer", strikes again!

a quote from :

"Pulte developed a proprietary gutter/soffit/trim system called Pultrim in 2005 and used it on new homes up until 2009 when they stopped its manufacture and use due to severe gutter crack problems in mid-west/northern climates and UV issues in the South. A total of 490 homes in Pulte/Del Webb's Grand Dominion community have Pultrum gutters and severe cracking has been documented in more than 60 % of these homes all of which are less than 5 years old. After initially replacing the cracked gutters in the first few homes experiencing cracking, (the second Pultrim installed also have cracked in all these homes), Pulte now has told all of us homeowners with Pultrim and problems that the cracks/leaks are the result of poor homeowner care as part of "normal homeowner maintenance". Has anyone else had any contact with Pulte about Pultrim? Eventually every home with Pultrim that experiences cold/snow winters will develop cracks and it costs thousands of dollars to correct as the entire system is effected. HELP!"

another quote--this one is from: :
"Quality Built In:  Our rigorous construction methods are designed to ensure that your home will be built right."

who do you believe?
the "Master BSer"?
Pulte's ARMY of pigs?

or the "Master BSer's" customers?


BTW... a question for the many unfortunate Pulte customers, who owned homes previously (that, fortunately, weren't Pulte homes):
What "normal care and maintenance" did you do on the gutters of your previously-owned, non-Pulte, houses to prevent them from "severely cracking in the first five years"

Not only will Pulte Homes sell you a poorly-built, defective house, but Pulte Homes will also insult your intelligence!

What a builder!
What quality!
What customer service!

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