Friday, April 6, 2012


Will it EVER change? Will builders continue to build shoddy houses, and fleece the public? Will government continue to "turn the other way"?

Unfortunately, shoddy builders will NEVER change as long as those who are fleeced by shoddy builders don't speak up and speak out PUBLICLY.

Communications today are more advanced than they've ever been. Builders advertise continuously on the internet and with other media. There's Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, etc. There are websites for newspapers, TV and radio stations, and other major media who post articles and videos about shoddy construction. Readers can comment on the articles, and they can use the websites' "share" buttons to "share" these articles on Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube, etc.

But, what do most of those who have been fleeced by shoddy builders do? They sit back silently while the shoddy builders control the airwaves with lies about their shoddy products, and continue to fleece the public.

It seems hopeless.


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