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A message from Janet Ahmad: Pulte-Centex
Pulte Homes dominates the news once again with its poor homebuilding in Texas. The latest in a series of failed foundation, and a myriad of extensive constructions defects surfaced in the Fairhaven Subdivision located in Schertz, Texas. Reminiscent of the Wall Great Wall of Rivermist unpermitted retaining walls of 20 to 30 feet show signs of movement.

Schertz Mayor Baldwin Agrees Pulte Homeowners Need Buy Back
“I wouldn’t want to live in one of those houses either. If I was out there I’d probably be right there in the middle of the group.

…Absolutely some of them need to be repurchased…,” said Schertz Mayor Baldwin.
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Janet Ahmad, National President

Home Owners for Better Building


Schertz Mayor Baldwin Agrees Pulte Homeowners Need Buy Back
Mayor: Some homes "need" to be re-purchased
"I wouldn’t want to live in one of those houses either. If I was out there I’d probably be right there in the middle of the group. …Absolutely some of them need to be repurchased…"

The mayor of Schertz said some homes in the Fairhaven neighborhood "need" to be bought back. "Some of them need to be re-purchased. ...I don't know how severe the problems are in all of those houses," Mayor Hal Baldwin said... About 60 homeowners have complained about problems with their foundations, and they want the builder, Pulte Homes, to buy back their houses. Several said they had tried to get information from the city and Pulte about inspections or plans in the neighborhood, but were unable to get any answers.

Press Releases – Fairness for Fairness NOW, Pulte-Centex Defects
Fairness for Fairhaven NOW Press Releases
Homeowners Want Pulte to Buy Back Defective Houses

Military Family Stationed in Japan Send Pulte Buy Back Request
Family Serving Country Troubled With Pulte Home in Fairhaven
Fairhaven Family stationed in Japan mail buy back letter to Pulte as well as copies to federal, state and local officials asking for their help Read more...

60 Homeowner’s Send Buy Back Letters
Schertz homeowners demanding buyback
The homeowners say they have had foundation problems that are also causing other issues. “We have cracked foundations, vertical cracks, horizontal cracks, tile moving, ceilings that are moving up,” said homeowner Faye Touve. Touve and other residents started a campaign against Pulte Homes on Saturday, sending letters to local, state and federal agencies. Related article: Pulte-Centex A No Show At Meeting * More videos for Pulte construction defects Read more...

Homeowners Mail Pulte Buy Back Plan Letters
Homeowners continue to ask builder to buy back their homes
Homeowners living in the Fairhaven subvision in Schertz want their builder, Pulte, to buy back their houses. Members of the group Fairness for Fairhaven Now gathered at a Schertz post office Saturday morning and mailed out dozens of letters to elected officals. "We mailed one off to President Barack Obama, the Mayor of Schertz, and Governor Rick Perry," said homeowner Ryan Travis. Read more...

Inspection of Pulte Homes show defects
Inspector checks out Fairhaven homes
"A person should not be able to walk up to a wall, push that wall and see it moving like that," explained inspector Mark Eberwine. "A person can't generate the same amount of force that a wind gust can." A few streets away, Eberwine examined a wall separating from the ceiling that left a noticeable gap. "It's not normal," he said. "This is not normal at all. This is the inability of the foundation to resist deflection to the degree necessary to keep your house from coming apart." Read more...

Pulte-Centex - Wall That Rocks - No Thank You
Schertz homeowners want builder to buy back their homes
Homeowner Bruce Touve can move his brick wall with a touch of his hand. And it scares him. ...It is not a very safe situation in the neighborhood,” said Touve... So dozens of the Fairhaven homeowners are documenting their problems in buy-back letters they are writing to Pulte Homes. It’s everything else except for the possibility that they may have built us a shoddy house,” said Lawrence... Alpersin tells KENS-TV she checks the wall daily, after discovering cracks and separations among the bricks. Last week there were 28 cracks, she said. Monday she counted 31. The news has Alpersin worried. She remembers Pulte’s retainer wall collapse in San Antonio’s Rivermist subdivision in 2010. Related article:Pulte-Centex A No Show At Meeting Read more...

Unity in Community: Homeowners demand builder buy homes back
Residents: Pulte built homes on unstable foundation
A group of homeowners in Schertz say they are fed up with Pulte Homes and want their homes bought back by the company. Residents in the Fairhaven neighborhood claim Pulte built shoddy homes on unstable foundation. At least two dozen people showed up to a meeting on Monday night held by the non profit group HomeOwners For Better Building. The goal was to make sure everyone is on the same page when it comes to a letter homeowners plan on sending to Pulte Homes. Read more...

KSAT Reports Live: Crumbling Pulte Homes Meeting
Pulte Homes homeowners meet to decide what's next
Residents in the Fairhaven neighborhood in Schertz say their homes are crumbling because of shoddy construction done by Pulte Homes. View Matt Rivers Report

Pulte Centex: Fairness for Fairhaven NOW - Rivermist Remembered
Homeowners meet to write "buy back" letters
Schertz--Some homeowners in the Fairhaven subdivision in Schertz want their builder to buy back their homes. They met on Monday night to finalize their plans on writing "Buy Back" letters. The homeowners want Pulte Homes to buy back their homes after problems that include cracks in foundations, cracked walls, and sticking doors and windows. Pulte Homes did not want to comment, but in the past a spokesperson told News 4 WOAI that the company has a 20 year history of standing behind their homes and that they're working with homeowners to resolve warranty related issues. ...Only 12 Rivermist Certificates of Occupancies Reissed after 2 years. View Video Report on Fairhaven and Rivermist 2 Years Later Read more...

Pulte Homeowners Get Support from State Representative Kuempel
Schertz homeowners getting big support
Some Fairhaven homeowners are getting big support in their efforts to get the builder to buy back their homes.About 30 homeowners met with members of the Homeowners for Better Building and state Representative John Kuempel Monday evening to discuss the foundation problems many say they are experiencing in the neighborhood. The majority at the meeting said they were dealing with "major" problems, including foundation shifting, sinking and cracking, some of which appeared to be cracking horizontally through the slab, according to Janet Ahmad, president of HOBB. Read more...

Homeowners: Pulte Homes ignoring repair issues
Unhappy homeowners angry with home builder
An ongoing issue between homeowners and a home building company caused controversy Monday night. People in Cibolo's Fairhaven neighborhood say Pulte Homes built shoddy houses and are trying to ignore their responsibility to fix them... Dozens of people have reported problems with their homes in that subdivision. Some have dealt with them for six months, others for five years. A representative from Homeowners for Better Building, a non-profit advocate for homeowners, was in attendance to help the group organize to get results. Read more...

Pulte Walls - Pulte A No Show Again

Pulte faces new wall cracks in Schertz neighborhood
Builder Pulte Homes is facing homeowner complaints of shifting foundations and retaining wall cracks — again. This time, it's in the Fairhaven neighborhood just northeast of San Antonio. Homeowners say that dozens of homes in the neighborhood have had problems, everything from cracks in the walls to foundations that appear to be splitting horizontally. Some residents say they are noticing cracks starting in a retaining wall that runs along their backyards. See Related Pulte Walls features * Pulte-Centex A No Show At Meeting * KENS5 Sour Sout Construction Hills at Rivermist * Poorly Built by Pulte


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Centex Homes Warranty Expense Only 0.3%
Homebuilding Industry Warranty Spending is Extremely Low
New homebuilder warranty claims are low, while homebuyer complaints are at an all-time high?
When buying an airplane, helicopter, a car, a washer or dryer, computer, printer, desk or even an office chair, the percentage of dollars spent by the manufactures on warranty issues is greater than that spent by homebuilders on defectively built new homes. The percentage of earnings spent by a builder on warranty issues is as little as 0.3% (Centex), while Gateway reported 6.2% and Lexmark International spent 9.7%. Read more: Homebuilding Industry Warranty Spending is Extremely Low

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