Sunday, September 4, 2011


VIOLATION: decorative flower pots
VIOLATION: small American flag magnet on garage door
And now, the latest,
VIOLATION: green mailbox
(This latest may be the MOST ridiculous of them ALL!)

SCHH mailboxes are all alike. They’re the rural type: metal mailbox on a wood post. The only differences are that in some neighborhoods the standard black mailboxes are on dark green wood posts. In others (like ours) the posts are painted black.

The Pulte-controlled HOA sends out a TYSK (Things You Should Know) email instructing homeowners to paint their mailboxes green.

Yes, that's correct--the email EXPLICITLY instructed homeowners to paint the MAILBOX (not the post) green. This, in fact, was verified when an HOA employee told a homeowner who lives across the street from us "The letter is the letter!"

Four in our neighborhood of approximately 100 homes painted their mailboxes green. Recently, the HOA did a routine, "CHICKEN SHIT" (seniors, take note), inspection and cited the four for their green mailboxes. They were told that they have 14 days to paint them black, or face the consequences ($$$ fine).


Senior citizens,
Don’t buy a Pulte house in a Pulte/Del Webb community.
Not only will you get a shoddy house, but also you’ll have some of the dumbest people ANYWHERE HASSLING you.

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