Monday, December 20, 2010


I just finished installing 750 sq. ft. of Pergo laminate wood flooring in my Wysteria. About 2 years ago I put Pergo flooring in the study, which is about one quarter the size of the great room, dining room, and hall that I just finished.

I’m pleased with the product—Pergo. I’m pleased with the installation (if I do say so myself). The thing that I’m not pleased with is th
e WAY out-of-level concrete slab that is under the flooring. There’s more “break” in the concrete slab than there is on many of the greens here.

It wasn’t until I was past the “point-of-no return” (flooring bought and carpeting removed) that I realized just how out of level that the slab is—WAY out of level—WAY bey
ond the manufacturer’s specs.

I followed the flooring instructions—vapor barrier on top of the slab and one quarter inch gap at the perimeter (“floating”). The finished flooring “gives” in spots. You can hear “hollow” spots when you walk over it.
It looks good now. I’m hoping that it will “settle down” eventually without the seams breaking and separating. We’ll see.
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