Thursday, October 7, 2010


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“Certain homeowners have contacted Pulte/Del Webb with questions about removing stucco from the holes in their ‘weep screeds’ at the base of their stucco-clad walls. These homeowners have notified Pulte/Del Webb representatives that certain home inspectors have told them that the holes in the weep screeds are for drainage and that the holes should not be coated with stucco. Such statements are incorrect. The stucco manufacturers for Sun City have confirmed that ‘the holes are for keying of the stucco and NOT FOR DRAINAGE.’ The stucco manufacturers further indicated that ‘finishing the accessories themselves (with stucco) is an aesthetic consideration.’”

March 26, 2008

Derek Morgan

Director Customer Relations

South Carolina Coastal Division

(NOTE: You can find Derek Morgan’s letter on this blog at

“The opinion released Monday reverses a Circuit Court ruling that struck down class-action status for a suit alleging improper stucco application, which caused water damage and rot.”

October 7, 2010

Y’all forget about what you hear from licensed home inspectors, licensed engineers, lawyers, SC Supreme Court, etc. Just keep believing Pulte letters, Pulte statements, TYSK emails, Sunsations, SCHH TV, NRs, CA BODs, BOD-appointed committees, etc. The "master builder" knows stucco, lagoons, roofs, etc. The "master builder" knows all things construction.

Want to buy a bridge in Brooklyn?

Why support a system that favors Pulte?


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