Monday, September 6, 2010


FACT: Pulte Homes controls an existing 10+ year old community with 5,000+ homes and 10,000+ residents. The 7-person community association board of directors, with 4 Pulte employees, has final say over EVERYTHING in the community.

FACT: Pulte Homes cut corners on roofs here. They eliminated hurricane clips at roof truss connections. Thousands of roofs do not meet the SC building code.

FACT: Pulte Homes cut corners on numerous storm drainage lagoons. Tops were too low and bottoms were too high. Residents are responsible for the operation and upkeep of lagoons (common property).

FACT: Through binding arbitration Pulte has been found responsible for defective stucco here and was required to pay the owner full damages plus court costs. Hundreds of other stucco cases are pending.

FACT: Numerous other defects have been discovered: a collapsed retaining wall, leaking roofs, cracked slabs, sinking houses, etc.

FACT: Pulte uses its absolute power to spread propaganda and squelch criticism through community association emails (TYSKs), Sunsations (the community's slick magazine), and SCHH TV.

FACT: Pulte controls, but residents pay the bills (through community assessments).

FACT: SCHH residents don't care.

AMAZING facts aren't they? (ESPECIALLY the LAST one!)

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