Sunday, April 4, 2010


I admit it. When it comes to a GIGANTIC shopping mall in our front yard, I’m a NIMBY.

I didn’t retire here to have a GIGANTIC shopping mall in my front yard. I retired here to enjoy the ocean, the saltwater estuaries, the saltwater marshes, the wetlands, etc. I didn’t retire here to be ensnarled in mall traffic.

I don’t like giving tax money that is intended for public schools to private developers. Year after year SC schools rank at the bottom of the nation. Fix the schools. Forget about giving public tax money to private shopping mall developers.

I don’t like the way that tiny Hardeeville “sucker punched” us, and the rest of Beaufort County, by locating their shopping mall on the edge of tiny Hardeeville, in our front yard. If you want to build a GIGANTIC shopping mall in your tiny town, then put it in the MIDDLE of your tiny town, at I-95 and US 17 (exit 5).

I don’t like the way that DHEC-OCRM, the supposed-to-be state environmental protection agency, has NEVER met a private developer that they didn’t like. “DEE HECK” with 3 acres of wetlands that will be filled. “DEE HECK” with the Okatie estuary, that we enjoy from Riverbend pier. “DEE HECK” with the shellfish that will disappear when all the new stormwater runoff is dumped into the Okatie. “DEE HECK” with SC’s beautiful coastal environment.

I don’t give a rat’s behind if tiny Hardeeville wants to build a GIGANTIC shopping mall at exit 5 WITHOUT public money. Go right ahead. It’s your tiny town. However, when tiny Hardeeville wants to put a GIGANTIC shopping mall in OUR front yard, we, who retired here, and who are more than 5 TIMES the population of tiny Hardeeville, then I’m a NIMBY, and I’m proud of it.

Tom Davis says that we should get ready for Sembler Round 2. I’m with you, Senator Davis. Let’s get it on.


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