Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sembler & Hardeeville defy logic

Following are exchanges from http://schhresidents.forumco.com/:

Posted - 03/14/2010 : 1:56:09 PM
According to a recent missive, they looked at 13 sites within a 4 mile radius of Okatie Crossing and found nothing that would work.

According to the report: To create a successful project, they require a site that is sufficiently sized, located on a major roadway with high visibility, located near an existing town or city with large and mulitple residential developments, and the site mush have the proper zoning for this type of development.

Now, it seems strange that they need it near all these residents when they plan on drawing 10 million cars a year from a four state area, but that is the BS they are peddling.

Posted - 03/15/2010 : 08:09:54 AM

Strange indeed!

BTW, what "recent missive" and what "report"? Sembler's? the same outfit that is telling us that they didn't know that they offered Senator Davis a job? or Hardeeville's?

Do you think that maybe they oughta expand their radius (why did they choose SCHH for the center?) to maybe 10 miles? 15? for a REGIONAL MEGA shopping mall that THEY say will be drawing patrons from MANY states?

They must think that we're ALL stupid. And, maybe they're right.

Posted - 03/15/2010 : 10:50:59 AM
Why do you believe they have not done as you suggest, when searching for the best location -- accessible to the most shoppers/experience seekers at the best cost structure?

Posted - 03/15/2010 : 2:36:30 PM
I don't know. It only makes sense to me that you'd locate a HUGE regional shopping mall like the one being proposed next to I-95. There are malls all around the US that are a LOT smaller than 1.5 MILLION square feet that have access ramps right off interstate highways to get the HUGE amount of traffic in and out of them.

It just doesn't make sense to me that a mall like this would be located 8 MILES off I-95. The highway improvements that'd be needed to the existing interchange at I-95 and US 278, 8 MILES of US 278, to SC 170, and to the existing interchange at US 278 and SC 170 to handle the HUGE amount of traffic expected for a 1.5 MILLION sq. ft. MEGA mall would be IMMENSE.

Not only does the location of this MEGA mall not make sense to me, the mall itself doesn't make sense to me. I don't see how a 1.5 MILLION sq. ft. MEGA mall could possibly succeed here. Look at Shelter Cove. I envision either an uncompleted mall, or a mall full of empty stores--a magnet for crime either way.

SOMEBODY knows something that we don't know. Sembler? for sure. Hardeeville? probably. Pinckney? probably. Herbkersman? As to whether or not we'll ever find out what's REALLY going on here, I'm not holding my breath.

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