Thursday, March 11, 2010

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Subject: thank you.... and Sembler follow up
Date: 3/10/2010 6:00:09 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
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Thanks so much for joining us yesterday… please check out the email below and shoot it to as many people as possible. We’re organizing people to watch politicians – and lawmakers are going to know it. As soon as the debate heats up (tomorrow or Tuesday) we want EVERYONE watching. I’ll be in touch so you, and the rest of your contacts know when to watch. Thanks for all you do.

Show politicians you won’t be ignored -- let them know you are watching! Click on tomorrow and see what they are up to as they debate the major incentives bill S. 1054.
  • We’ll stream live video – from the Senate floor so that you’ll know what is going on as soon as it happens
  • We’ll post page views – so lawmakers are aware that you – and 1,000’s of others are watching them – LIVE.

But don’t stop there.

  • Post this message and tomorrow’s link to your Web site or blog.
  • Forward this e-mail to everyone in your address book.
  • Wear out your Twitter account by tweeting and re-tweeting politicians and your contacts.
    We’ll be tweeting and re-tweeting, too, and updating our Facebook page, all the time letting the politicians know that you are watching them.

Depend on us to send an E-mail Alert as soon as the critical discussions begin so you won’t miss a thing. Watch lawmakers react to the facts at -- it won't be hard to see who's for and against the free market!

Sign up here to follow us on Twitter. Become a fan on Facebook. More information on incentive bills:
Sembler Opponents: South Carolina Not for Sale
New Cartoon on the Sembler Incentives from Robert Ariail
Three Steps Toward Transparency: Protecting Taxpayer Investments in S.C.’s Economy

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