Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Speak up and speak OUT PUBLICLY!

There are more than 13,000 people in my community. MANY have been victims of Pulte’s shoddy construction. And yet, only a VERY FEW speak out. They could be counted on two hands (probably with a hand to spare!). Why is that?

  • Many are afraid of Pulte
  • Some have signed a “gag agreement” with Pulte to try to get their shoddy construction problems addressed (even though written warranties don’t specify that homeowners must sign “gag” agreements)
  • Many want to pass Pulte's shoddy construction on their house off onto some other unsuspecting buyer. This is dishonest.
  • Many are just plain clueless
No matter what the reason for failing to speak out PUBLICLY, their failure plays right into Pulte’s hands. If no one speaks out, then NOTHING will change. As a result, our children, grandchildren, other family and friends, and our fellow citizens will continue to be plagued by shoddy construction and shoddy builders.

There are MANY ways to speak OUT PUBLICLY:

  • Post on this website and/or the MANY others devoted to shoddy construction by builders
  • Start your own FREE blog (a few minutes on the internet will tell you how)
  • Tweet and/or Re-Tweet
On Twitter.com’s homepage the search feature says: “See what people are saying about…” If you type in “Pulte” in "search", then you’ll see MANY pro-Pulte posts. Not surprising. After all, in addition to being the largest house-builder in America, there are MANY others feeding at the Pulte trough: contractors, subcontractors, suppliers, sales persons, real estate agents, consultants, stock brokers, etc.

Fair and balanced? NO! In the interest of “fair and balanced” speak out PUBLICLY: on this website, on other websites, on your own blog, or on Twitter.com. Compose your own "Tweet"; or, "Re-Tweet" someone else's post that you agree with.

Maybe things will eventually change. Your children, your grandchildren, your family and friends, and your fellow citizens will thank you.

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