Monday, February 1, 2010


At the urging of my NR (Neighborhood Representative) I got a wind mitigation inspection. South Carolina has a law that requires insurance companies to provide premium reductions to houses that meet wind mitigation criteria. The inspection report is below.

The inspector found that 28 bolts were missing from the garage door. The manufacturer's specifications (Clopay, #75W5) show 4 bolts in each hinge leaf, which are needed to meet the design wind load (140 mph).

This is not the first time for the garage door. Some time ago the installer came back to adjust the door struts, because they didn't meet manufacturer requirements for a 140 mph door.

The inspector said that, as is his normal procedure, he would contact Pulte. Pulte never came or called. I bought the bolts and put them in myself.

Incremental new house construction, or "buy a new house, and get a fixer-upper"! NUTS!

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