Sunday, January 3, 2010

Top 10 Questions for the Decade

By the year 2019 at Sun City Hilton Head, SC:

#10: Will Pulte employees hold 7 out of 7 seats on the SCHH Community Association Board of Directors?
#9: Will Pulte’s prediction that "before the stucco suits are settled half the homeowners will be dead" turn out to be true?
#8: Will the golf courses be self-sustaining?
#7: How many MORE unilateral changes to the Community Covenants and Rules will Pulte have made?
#6: How many MORE houses will have sunk into the swamp?
#5: How many MORE lagoons will be discovered to have been built more than 2 feet off in elevation?
#4: How many MORE wetlands will have died?
#3: What will the quarterly assessment be?
#2: Will ALL decorative flower pots be banned by 2019?

And, the #1 question for the decade:
Will Pulte and Beaufort County’s Office of Building Code Enforcement FINALLY have figured out how to secure roof trusses and brace gable ends by the year 2019?



ben horowitz said...

did pulte actually say that? about the stucco suit homeowners.

PE, retired said...

yes, sir. It’s in “Homeowner Stucco Defects Power Point Presentation”, under the “Important Documents” tab at

Yaj said...

That's the kind of arrogance that goes before the fall Ray.

Hang in there. Build up your ranks! Remember Winston Churchill:

Nevah, evah, evah, evah give up!