Monday, November 16, 2009

Pulte & gov't inspectors...will they EVER get it right?


"Just as before, Beaufort County building inspectors apparently missed the problems spotted later by Kunich -- trusses that weren't fastened together or braced according to specifications. Despite the problems, county building inspectors issued certificates of occupancy for the homes, declaring them in compliance with construction guidelines and ready to live in."

"Kunich, a private home inspector whose work includes checking homes in Sun City, says he has found deficiencies there.

'At some of the homes I have looked at, they have no nails and no strapping,' he said. 'At one house almost every connection had no nails.'

Each home where he has found problems had been inspected months earlier by a county inspector and issued a certificate of occupancy, a document essentially saying the home is built properly.

'At all these houses, a county inspector had been there and CO'd them,' Kunich said."

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