Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Lagoon report card

Pulte = F - - -
for building the Phase 5 lagoons wrong in the first place, for denying that they had built them wrong for 3 YEARS, and for fixing only SOME, not ALL, of them.

Beaufort County = F - -
for their TOTAL lack of participation in resolving these matters. Check out Stormwater Management Utility Department on bcgov.net. Measure their vision statement, mission statement and program elements against what they did, which was NOTHING.

DHEC/OCRM = F - - -
as the lead state agency for protecting the environment, for failing to do so, for failing to know that the lagoons weren’t built according to plans, for failing to do anything about it for MONTHS and MONTHS after being told, for not requiring Pulte to fix ALL of the problems, and for dealing poorly with resident citizens and their concerns.

US Army Corps of Engineers = F - -
for interacting poorly with resident citizens and for failing to address environmental violations.

SCHH residents = D
except for a relative few, for failing to recognize that shoddy construction of lagoons negatively impacts the environment, the aesthetics of our community, and our pocketbooks. For letting Pulte ALMOST get away with another one (had it not been for the INCREDIBLE LONG AND HARD work of a VERY few).

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