Thursday, October 8, 2009


Who are you going to believe? Pulte? Pulte's subcontractors? JD Power? House sales agents?

Or do you believe independent house inspectors? qualified construction experts? Pulte customers who know shoddy construction when they see it? your own eyes?

Pulte, Pulte's subcontractors. JD Power, and house sales agents would have you believe that Pulte builds a quality house. Independent home inspectors, qualified construction experts, and customers who know the difference between good construction and shoddy construction say otherwise.

I'm a retired civil engineer. I started when I discovered faulty roof truss connections in Pulte houses in my Del Webb community. I live in Sun City Hilton Head, SC, where hurricanes are a MAJOR concern. Since discovering the faulty roof truss connections, I've discovered MUCH, MUCH more. Check out the photographs, and see for yourself.

Google “Pulte shoddy” and see for yourself what those who aren’t feeding at the Pulte trough have to say.


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