Friday, September 11, 2009

An update, lingering questions, and a message for Pulte

In the case of the black wood floor, I understand from the homeowner that Pulte is replacing the floor. I’m happy for the homeowner.

Lingering questions:
1. What took Pulte so long to agree to replace the floor?
2. Why did Pulte take such an obviously RIDICULOUS position for MONTHS? (The black wood floor is the HOMEOWNER'S fault because he put a desk chair protector on it, which didn’t allow water coming THROUGH THE SLAB to evaporate.)
3. Why didn’t Pulte IMMEDIATELY agree to remedy this problem, which is CLEARLY the result of shoddy construction?

Message for Pulte:

Five years ago I had no reason to believe other than Pulte builds good houses and treats their customers well. During the past 5 years I have come to realize that Pulte does NOT build quality houses and does NOT treat their customers well. In fact, Pulte’s actions over the past 5 years at SCHH are a case study in how NOT to treat your customers.

Congratulations, Pulte, you’ve managed to take some of your biggest sales assets (some of your customers) and turn them into your biggest liabilities. Based on my experiences over the last 5 years I would NEVER recommend a Pulte house in a Pulte development to ANYONE.

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Yaj said...

Pulte aused the black floor, NOT furniture or anything else placed over it!!

And your last line is the most telling. Businesses understand this principle less and less - if you don't take care of your customers, someone else will.

And everyone knows about 750 people. That can add up to a lot of bad advertising. It always does when you have disgust en masse.