Sunday, September 27, 2009

"Soap opera"

A resident described goings on here as a “soap opera”. That’s a pretty fair description, except that what’s going on here is REAL. There are many subplots in this soap opera:

First, there is Pulte’s INCREDIBLE and WIDESPREAD shoddy construction (all well documented):
• Roof truss connections
• Stucco
• Lagoons
• Cracked and sinking foundations
• Leaking roofs
• Wood floors

Then there’s the INCREDIBLE ineptness of government in protecting its citizens against shoddy development
• Beaufort County Office of Building Code Enforcement
• Beaufort County Stormwater Management Branch
• Local, state, and federal government elected representatives who fail to fix government agencies that are charged with protecting citizens from shoddy construction

Then there’s the petty “enforcement” of CC&Rs here:
• Tasteful flowerpots
• Small American flag magnet on a garage door
• Tasteful holiday images displayed on the side of a house

There’s Pulte’s dishonesty, recklessness, and arrogance
• Pulte’s dishonest propaganda about roof truss connections, stucco, lagoons, cracked, leaking and sinking foundation slabs, wood floors, etc.
• Pulte’s strict control of information going to residents: self-serving articles in the community magazine Sunsations, TYSKs, lower mailboxes, community website, etc. There's NOTHING "fair and balanced" about Pulte propaganda that is distributed to residents through community channels here.
• Pulte’s failure to “make right” on shoddy roof truss connections, stucco, wood floors, etc.
• Pulte unilaterally changing CC&Rs without resident input
• “Coup-de-tat” (replacing an elected resident representative on the community association board of directors with a Pulte employee)
• The Pulte-controlled community association board of directors firing resident volunteer committee chairmen (after unilaterally changing the CC&Rs so that they could do so without violating existing CC&Rs)
• Pulte’s interference with residents’ incorporation initiative

Then there’s the INCREDIBLE apathy, gullibility, and denial of SCHH residents

A soap opera? Yeah, but it’s REAL.

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