Sunday, August 2, 2009

Where's DHEC?

Two examples of DHEC NOT doing their job:

Example #1
Pumping sediment-laden water into wetlands is a violation of the Clean Water Act. CLEARLY documents Pulte doing this. Where’s DHEC?

Example #2
Directing UNTREATED stormwater runoff directly into wetlands (NOT routed through a treatment pond) is a violation of the Clean Water Act. Go to the storm inlet at southeast corner of the Hidden Cypress parking lot. Now, go 20 feet to the east and see the pipe coming from the inlet discharging directly into the wetland (the dead and dying one). Residents here told DHEC of this violation MORE THAN TWO YEARS AGO. DHEC SHOULD have known about it without having been told. Where’s DHEC? Untreated runoff from the HC parking lot STILL continues to be discharged into the dead and dying wetland RIGHT NOW, and yet DHEC does NOTHING.

BOTH these violations have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with storage capacity of the lagoons, and yet Pulte and DHEC continue their moronic mantra “…400% of the required storage volume”, like there’s nothing else involved in protecting the environment than providing adequate storage volume in the ponds. (BTW, the 400% ONLY applies if the lagoons were built according to the approved construction plans, and we know from the as-built plans that they weren’t.)

Finally, I attended meetings with DHEC & Pulte at DHEC’s office in Beaufort. Before the meeting started DHEC staff and Pulte people talked with each other like old business partners, ignoring everyone else in the room. It spoke volumes.


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Retired1 said...

None of us should be surprised by DHEC's inaction or Pulte's blatant disregard for the law, it's just one more example in a long run of examples. The only surprise is why some SCHH residents continue to believe their smoke & mirrors rhetoric.