Thursday, August 13, 2009

Pulte treats their customers like morons... Well???

Pulte doesn't take responsibility for their words and actions, and insults our intelligence in doing so.

There’s a problem with wood flooring that Pulte installed—it’s because the homeowner used a common desk chair floor protector, prohibiting moisture coming THROUGH THE SLAB from evaporating. C’MON!

EVERYBODY here should know that the Phase 5 lagoons are a mess, yet there’s an article in this month’s Sunsations, written by BOD member Francisco Garcia, patting Pulte on the back for their wonderful lagoons and their praiseworthy stewardship of our wetlands. You’ve GOT to be kidding me!

There are problems with our stucco. In a letter dated March 26, 2008 Derek Morgan tries to tell us that the holes at the base of our stucco clad walls are “NOT FOR DRAINAGE”. MASTER BUILDER, or master something else?

I guess to his credit, Jon Cherry did admit that removing hurricane clips from valley truss connections was “probably a mistake”, but did Pulte step forward to install said hurricane clips in houses that they built here after 2004, but before early 2007, when they started installing them again? NO.

In a coup de tat Pulte takes back a resident BOD seat, and gives it to a Pulte employee. When Jon Cherry is asked why, no plausible explanation follows. (Even when residents had more members on the BODs than Pulte employees, residents publicly acknowledged that Pulte, with their veto power, controlled the BOD.) Pulte, is it that you think that we can’t handle the truth? Guess what? With SOME of us, you’re not hiding a thing!

The AMAZING thing to me is how Pulte keeps getting away with treating us like morons.


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