Friday, July 17, 2009

same song, different verse

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"Sorry for not responding earlier. A Pulte-controlled-Board-selected resident advisory group has been reviewing our CC&Rs (Declarations) and Bylaws for 18 months. The goal was to simplify and streamline. Instead, they decided to propose numerous changes that had the effect of centralizing control among the few “elite” residents and Pulte-controlled Board. This advisory group ignored the viewpoints of most residents. Therefore, (1) we obtained signatures from 1,130 of the 5,600 homes on a petition, (2) 70 residents submitted detailed comments to the advisory committee asking for changes to their proposals, (3) many residents (50 on one day) picketed the Pulte sales office for two weekends, and (4) 600+ people (overflow crowd in our 600-person ballroom) attended a June 29 meeting to register their complaints about the anti-resident proposals from the advisory group. The advisory group ignored all of this.

Pulte finally gave in and adopted revisions to three of the twelve (or so) items of greatest concern by the residents. The twelve (or so) items of concern included reducing the quorum for important resident decisions (so as to allow a small group to control the publicity and then control the vote), mandating Board pre-approval of petitions circulated within Sun City Texas, eliminating our Bylaw guarantee of “open elections” (as opposed to a hand-picked group that formerly selected the only residents who could run for the Board), allowing the Pulte-controlled Board to remove another Board Member (like me) who they did not like for violations as nebulous as “unbecoming conduct”, etc.

Therefore, we won a small partial victory. However, we lost most of our issues.

At present, here in Sun City Texas the homeowner dues do not pay for any of the golf expenses, including the golf reserve. However, the top Pulte guy has just proposed that homeowner dues pay for all golf reserve contributions. The golfers like that, but the 80% who do not play golf do not. If Pulte pushes this, it will be another battle. (FYI – our golf reserve has about $2.2 million; our non-golf reserve has about $3.4 million.)"


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