Tuesday, June 2, 2009

"Stuck on stupid"

During Hurricane Katrina a National Guard general used the phrase “stuck on stupid” on national TV. The general has it right. There are a LOT of people who are “stuck on stupid”.

When people are victims of shoddy construction, do they use the marvelous tools of today (free blogsites, HADD.com, etc.) to get the word out? No. Victims talk among themselves. Nobody hears them.

Do victims use the marvelous tools of today to provide and to receive REAL-TIME information? No. If they speak up at all (which they usually don’t), they use snail mail and printed newsletters—antiquated communication of the last, and previous, centuries.

GET WITH IT! Start a FREE blog. Speak up. Get and receive REAL TIME information.

Worse yet are the people who don't bother to be informed. They deserve what they get.

You’re right, General. The problem is that a LOT of people today are “stuck on stupid”.


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Yaj said...

In the past two weeks I have had inspections on foreclosures and on new construction. Typically the foreclosures have fewer problems than the new construction.

Realtors sometimes steer people away from new construction inspections. That is not a kindly thing to do. Sometimes realtors steer people away from new technology like thermal infrared inspections because "they are not proven." That is also not a kindly thing to do.

More of your neighbors need to read and follow your blog and get informed. There is no power without numbers. You have many valid complaints and many deaf ears. Apathy should not rule the day.

Keep up the good work Ray. Don't give up!