Thursday, January 1, 2009

Shoddy construction

Google "Pulte shoddy", and see what you get.

Most victims of shoddy construction are silent. Do they think that shoddy construction problems will just go away? They won't. Are they afraid? Taking on builders can be intimidating. Are they dishonest? Do they figure that someone else will buy it, and then the shoddy construction problems will be theirs? Do victims of shoddy construction just not give a damn?

Because of YOUR silence, we can expect shoddy construction to be around for a LONG, LONG time. Your children and your grandchildren thank you.

We have every right to expect that the house that we paid for with our hard-earned money, and the infrastructure in our private community that we pay to maintain, be built to the normal standard of care.

If you’re a victim of shoddy construction, then the fact is that YOU have been “taken”, both by the builder, and by the government that is supposed to be protecting you from shoddy construction.

Do you LIKE being cheated? Would you LIKE to see your children and your grandchildren cheated too? If not, then DON'T BE SILENT. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. .

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Yaj said...

I try to say something every day!

Here is a recent blog post about a problem that is very, very prevalent in homes constructed in the last 10 years!

Yours are probably NO different.

So, you are right, DO SOMETHING!!