Friday, June 5, 2009

Master Builder

The Master Builder builds houses with roof trusses that are barely attached, in a coastal area susceptible to hurricanes.

The Master Builder builds houses with stucco that was mixed with too much water and not enough cement. No control joints around windows, so that it’s susceptible to cracking. The Master Builder doesn’t know that stucco is a porous material that water penetrates; the Master Builder doesn’t provide a way for the water to get out of the cavity between the exterior walls and the interior walls.

The Master Builder builds lagoons with tops that are too low, and bottoms that are too high, by one and two FEET. (I wouldn’t have believed that it was possible to build something one and two FEET off in elevation in such a flat area, unless I’d seen it for myself.)

The Master Builder doesn’t use resource-loaded construction schedules that have been routinely used in the construction industry for more than 50 YEARS. (Allison Tucker, CPM (Critical Path Method) scheduling has been around since WWII, and is widely used in the construction industry. Don’t show your ignorance by waving a copy of Pulte’s Lagoon Action Plan and yelling “the critical path is in here”. There’s NOTHING that even REMOTELY resembles a critical path in that document.)

Some master builder!

And, then there’s how the Master Builder treats their customers. So what that the roof trusses are barely attached, and your roof blows off during a hurricane? So what that the stucco isn’t mixed right and isn’t applied right, and there's mold from the water trapped in the cavity between your exterior walls and your interior walls? So what that the lagoons are built 1 and 2 FEET off in elevation and there are birds walking around and plants growing in the middle of your lagoon? So what if we don't finish on schedule? You bought it—it’s YOUR problem.

Some company!

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