Friday, May 1, 2009

Pulte--The Big Nanny

The following appeared in the Thursday, April 30, 2009 issue of Bluffton Today (page 11):


The big Nanny has spoken. The board of directors passed a new and revised (they probably thought improved also) solicitation policy. It is obvious that they thought all of us are addled and feeble minded and need protection from unwanted information and distributions.

They prohibited the distribution of political material by anyone. I don’t know that they have the authority to abrogate the Constitution.

It makes it clear that community groups are not allowed to solicit for anything in Sun City. Sorry American Red Cross, no more soliciting for blood donations. Sorry chartered clubs, you can no longer distribute fliers advertising your speaker for your regularly scheduled meeting. Sorry chartered clubs, you can no longer request permission for community-wide fundraising drives for your favorite charity. Sorry individual resident, you may not distribute any material you create except to other residents known to you personally.

That will make sure that no community-wide issue can ever be discussed. I think that this last one is the real reason for this new policy.

Pulte was, for whatever unknown reason, afraid the Committee to Incorporate the Sun City Area would begin a petition drive and Pulte did not have a perfect way of preventing it. It triggered this review of the existing policy. Pulte controls the board and the new policy is exactly what they want.

Also included in the policy are the uses of our “lower” mail boxes which we have used in the past to distribute fliers, etc. Now we have rules, even though these lower boxes do not belong to the Community Association or Pulte and neither one should have any say what we put in there.

Except for personal notes, everything for the boxes must be approved by the executive director. I guess next they will tell us what we can receive through the U.S. mail.

We do not need the board of directors to babysit us or tell us what we can or cannot read.

I suggest the board concentrate on golf course problems, bad lagoons, sinking homes, bad stucco and other minor irritants in the community.

Carl Lehmann is a Sun City resident.
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