Tuesday, May 19, 2009

BEWARE of city-data.com

City-data.com is part of the problem.

Here's an example of the one-sided crap that city-data.com doesn't screen:

"There are bad reviews out there on the internet, but remember, Pulte is a national builder. They build millions of homes all across the US. The ratio of complaints to homes built is far less for Pulte than other builders. The average buyer out there googles for Pulte quality and comes up with photos of shoddy workmanship claimed by someone. These guys do it just for the compensation, ability to sue. It's like a few people saying they found a finger in Wendy's hamburger.

It's dumb to brand a whole builder as shoddy or incapable. The materials, regions, subcontractors, project manager, construction workers, cost, time, economy all go in to determine the quality of your home. Don't blindly follow custom builders and don't blindly discard track builders. Use a home inspector and inspect every inch of your home for quality, workmanship, etc. Study/Research the community, area, schools for resale value, price per sf, etc. This is what will ultimately determine your home's quality.. not the brand name."

This post is by the brilliant "techtemple" and was posted 11-19-08.

Well, Techtemple, let's see who's dumb. "...claimed by someone..." Do you have an engineering degree, Techtemple? Do you have 40+ years experience practicing engineering, Techtemple? Before you retired, were you licensed to provide engineering services in several states (including North Carolina), Techtemple?

I don't know how to break this to you, Techtemple, but photos, like the ones on this website, and MANY, MANY others, don't lie.

And, just for the record, Techtemple, I'm not looking for, nor have I received, ANY compensation for this website. My SOLE purpose is to give folks the warning that I never got.

Oh, and BTW, Techtemple, it's "tract" builders, not "track" builders. But then, you'd know this if you knew what you were talking about.

So, BEWARE, folks. City-data.com screens out the "other side of the story".

It's difficult enough to do due diligence without dishonest websites like city-data.com that screen out honest comments, but allow dishonest, moronic ones like "Techtemple's". But, never fear, folks, because there are PLENTY of websites that tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth (like this one).

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