Thursday, April 23, 2009

It's election time at SCHH

the SCHH community association is holding election for TWO resident seats on the Board of Directors. Let's review the facts:

1. there are TWO choices in the election: incumbent 1 and incumbent 2. One must ask: "why vote?"

2. Pulte employees (who aren't subject to election) hold 4 of the 7 seats. One must ask: "why vote?"

3. Even if Pulte employees didn't hold the majority of seats, they have absolute veto power over everything. One must ask: "why vote?"

4. Last year the Pulte-controlled board of directors forced the resignation of the new duly-elected resident member of the board of directors, because he wouldn't swear allegiance to Pulte. One must ask: "why vote?"

5. At the same board meeting, the Pulte-controlled board fired, or forced the resignation, of FOUR chairmen of board-appointed committees, because they had the AUDACITY to propose a study to look into incorporating Sun City Hilton Head. One must ask: "why vote?"

Yet there are people here who will vote for incumbent 1 and incumbent 2.


I thought that elections were supposed to be about choices?


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