Tuesday, April 28, 2009

another email to DHEC (or how things are done in SC)

ings are done in SC).
DHEC sure DOESN’T require a LOT:

• DHEC doesn’t require that pipes connecting ponds be clear, even though clear connecting pipes are vital to the operation of the system.
• DHEC doesn’t require action plans that address ALL deficiencies. Why require as-builts if you’re going to let Pulte ignore 11 of the 20 ponds that have bottoms that are higher than what they’re supposed to be?
• DHEC doesn’t require that soil in embankments be compacted. Do you really think that Pulte removed all of the fill that they dumped at pond 164, just so they could remove it, put it back in 12-inch lifts, and compact it like it’s supposed to be? Every other state that I worked in requires that soil in embankments be placed in lifts and fully compacted.
• DHEC doesn’t require that embankments be clear of trees, even though ANY engineer knows that a tree in an embankment is NOT consistent with the normal standard of care for engineered embankments. I know of NO other state that allows trees in embankments.
• DHEC doesn’t require that the type of material specified in the approved construction plans for outfall structures (precast concrete) be used.
• DHEC doesn’t require fences around ponds with steep slopes even though they’re a danger. All other jurisdictions that I know of require fences around ponds with steep slopes.
• DHEC doesn’t require embankments. Building a half of a pond is OK in SC.
• DHEC doesn’t require that ponds be a minimum depth, even though depth is critical to their operation, and, as SCHH proves, shallow ponds are unsightly, and maintenance headaches.

I’m sure that there are MANY other things that I HAVEN’T listed that DHEC doesn’t require. Meanwhile, developers like Pulte get away with building crap for the people in the communities that live there to deal with. Never mind the effect that their shoddy construction has on the environment and the rest of those who live outside their shoddy communities.and the rest of those who live outside their shoddy communities.


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