Wednesday, December 31, 2008

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"Being fairly new here, I'm not as cynical as the rest of you. I'm sure your reply would be give it time.

I bought a resale that was built in 2005. The home inspection revealed no major defects and a few cracked tiles that I fill with grout from time to time. Looks like standard construction to me. What good is a nail in the truss if the place is under water?

I agree that issues that arise that Pulte is responsible for need to be raised, contested, and resolved and I certainly thank those that were involved in the resolution or partial resolution of the lagoons. I'm not crazy that the POA fee will keep going up but did anyone think it would go down- even with incorporation? I have some AIG stock I'd like to sell those people who answer yes to that. It appears that problems arise between the homeowners and the managing company in every plantation- Rose Hill, Old Carolina and now University Park just to name a few.

So the question here shouldn't be a dare to sing the praises of Pulte. Like it or not we have to deal with them. I just refuse to become like you. I'm in the last third of my life. I've seen enough bitter, older people to know enough that life is better with a positive attitude. That's positive, not rose colored glasses, pie in the sky optimism. Sun City is the best place I have lived and I've only lived in a few other places- that's good enough for me. Most of the people I've met here feel the same way. So, I guess I'm one of the sheeple but I'm nobody's fool.

If I hated it as much as what I read from some of you, I would eat the loss and move."

my response:

“If I hated it as much as what I read from some of you, I would eat the loss and move.”
“I'm nobody's fool.”
“I've seen enough bitter, older people”

“I have some AIG stock I'd like to sell those people”?
“I just refuse to become like you”?
just who’s the one who’s cynical and hateful?

Since I assume that I’m “one of those people” who you’re referring to, I’ll respond for myself. I purchased a new home here in 2004. I don’t expect it to be perfect, but I do expect it to meet the MINIMUM requirements of the building code. I expect the roof to stay on during a 130 mph wind, as the building code requires. I expect the stucco to be mixed and applied according to the minimum (manufacturer’s) specifications, as the building code requires. I expect my roof not to leak. When it does, and FOUR valleys are shingled incorrectly, then I expect ALL FOUR to be fixed and not just the one that leaked first. As a member of this community, I expect lagoons and other infrastructure to be built to the normal standard of care. Anyone who has followed this issue knows that these weren’t. I expect retaining walls not to fall down (a rare occurrence in my experience). I don’t expect to be banned from the community website that I’m, in part, paying for without due cause—foul language, etc.

Having spent 40 years in construction as a professional engineer and land surveyor I have a perspective that many others may not have. I KNOW what’s acceptable and what’s not in construction. Shoddy construction is a NATIONAL problem. Unless we demand that something be done about it, our children and our grandchildren will be dealing with this same problem. WE DON’T “have to deal with it”. But, nothing will de done about it if we don’t speak up.

I’m happy for you that Sun City is the best place that you’ve ever lived. Have a nice day.

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Yaj said...

Wow - did his/her home inspector understand stucco installation techniques, what to look for, use an IR camera, check roof trusses, see slab movement, nearness of a lagoon and its lack of drainage (if applicable), or, or, or - there was a lot to do there during a home inspection!

I hope the rose-colored glasses help too.