Thursday, March 5, 2009


a few local Pulte testimonials:

"Hey Ray, Talk about quality!! My son was giving his kids a bath in the master bathroom. He leaned across the tub to scrub his sons back. When he pushed off the far wall to stand up his finger went through, yes through, the wallboard. And it wasn't in the center of the 24" studs as is allowed down south, it was only about two inches away from the stud. Kinda thin wallboard huh!! Nick"

"We have had two wood floors put in; they keep getting mold under the wood which surfaces as black spots all over the floor. Pulte came out and could not find the problem after the first floor started going bad. They never found the real problem, but they had their subcontractor put another floor down, blaming it on the glue. This summer it happend again and we are going thru all kinds of testing once again. I think it's a foundation problem but they will not do anything, does anyone know of a lawyer we can contact? "

"Pulte's subcontractor supposedly put down water-proof moisture glue in before he laid the second floor. The second floor showed signs of water in nine months I just met another person who has the same problem on a Del Webb home. Pulte would not do anything for them, blaming it on the patio that was laid before they moved in! I think we all built on a swamp land,and God knows what will happen in a few years. My husband just burys his head in the sand. Pulte will not put a wood floor in again. They want to put tile down. I am so upset I don't know what to do."

"We have a similar situation (foundation/slab crack from side to side and visible on the exterior) here in Del Webb Charleston (same developer as SCHH). When push came to shove and we finally had Pulte officials come to look at and evaluate the crack, we were pretty much summarily dismissed and told that we were covered under the SC law regarding structural defects (10 years, I think.). In the meantime the only cosmetic evidence seems to be cracking tiles and grout pulling apart showing that the house is shifting albeit minimally at this point. We had wanted to put down hardwood flooring but are reluctant to "cover up" the crack. This is certainly not the retirement dream home we had imagined. - Paul & Kitty Venancio, Del Webb Charleston --"

"Thanks for responding. Perhaps, I wasn't explicit enough. I am trying to find out if it's the developers responsibility beyond the year for the foundation/slab/settling. I can't find anything in our documentation about the slab. Last week we heard a very loud crack. It sounded like the house was struck. The pictures on the living room walls were crooked and the next day we noticed that a whole course of tiles split across the living room. This is the same area that the foundation split before, resulting in the cracked tiles. Pulte didn't fix the foundation crack the first time. The tile people filled it and replaced the tiles. Is this going to continue? Our house was slightly over a year when the first jolt happened and now, a year later, it's happened again. We have not been here full time and don't know anyone who has a similar problem in our neighborhood. Also, where are the 4 houses that sank and had to be bought back by Pulte?"

"My family was here for a visit this weekend and for something to do I took them to see the model homes as my son-in-law, who is the first green home builder in the Dayton, Ohio area, wanted to look at the quality of work. Of course what he saw surprised him in what should be was show case homes. What I noticed was that the retaining walls around one of the lagoons were starting to lean. It was looking out the back window of the last house on the souteast corner side. The worst was on the side next to 278. I was not really surprise, but if you have not visited the models, thought that I would pass is on to you. Also was not surprise to see that all models, that the stucco is being removed and being replaced with Harddy Plank."

"Thank you for your vigilance! I’m still trying to get the lagoon surround maintained behind my home. It has never been done in over 2 years. Our neighborhood rep says that PULTE/CAM does not return any of his telephone calls. Also, I’m getting conflicting reports from the subcontractors who want to dredge & clear the pipe from the lagoon to the storm water system
and Pulte's employee who has deemed it clear and closed the file – contrary to the advice of several contractors who have actually been chest high in the lagoon and reported the problem to Pulte."


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Yaj said...

You are in position to put together quite an army. The more the merrier. Pulte won't be able to ignore such a group for long. Go for it!