Wednesday, January 21, 2009

our turn

Thursday is OUR turn, Sun City.

For the past THREE YEARS we residents have heard often from Pulte, from Pulte's engineer, from the CA, from TYSKs, from emails from NRs, and from the silence of the P&G Committee and Beaufort County that there are no problems with the lagoons here. That's a lie.

As-built drawings PROVE that there are MAJOR CONSTRUCTION PROBLEMS with the Phase 5 lagoons. In June 2008 DHEC issued a NOTICE OF VIOLATION to Pulte in response to the major CONSTRUCTION problems brought to their attention by Phase 5 residents in September 2007.

But, you don't need as-built drawings or DHEC for you to know that there are problems with these lagoons--you SEE it. When you SEE plants growing and birds walking around in the middle of a lagoon, you KNOW that there's a problem.

For THREE YEARS Phase 5 residents have not been heard because of the control that Pulte has on this community. On Thursday it's FINALLY our turn. We have a voice. Use it.


Yaj said...

I hope you all get together and storm the Bastille! You have common sense and the obvious on your side. Interesting it has taken this long. But, nonetheless, there is strength in numbers, but also in truth.

And afterwards, maybe on your patio, or in a community center, you can invite over your support staff and friends and "let them eat cake." Throw in some ice cream too!

Only one thing is going to turn around this apparent nationwide problem with new construction -- getting together to do something about it!

I look forward to hearing of the outcome...!

Paul said...

We have a similar situation (foundation/slab crack from side to side and visible on the exterior) here in Del Webb Charleston (same developer as SCHH). When push came to shove and we finally had Pulte officials come to look at and evaluate the crack, we were pretty much summarily dismissed and told that we were covered under the SC law regarding structural defects (10 years, I think.). In the meantime the only cosmetic evidence seems to be cracking tiles and grout pulling apart showing that the house is shifting albeit minimally at this point. We had wanted to put down hardwood flooring but are reluctant to "cover up" the crack. This is certainly not the retirement dream home we had imagined. - Paul & Kitty Venancio, Del Webb Charleston --