Monday, September 8, 2008

Pulte can't silence me!

August 21, 2008

It appears that I've been banned from our community's website. banned from the community website that my assessment helps pay for. So it goes at Sun City Hilton Head, SC.

When we bought here in 2004 I never imagined the poor construction that I've seen here--roof truss connections that don't meet the building code, defective stucco, my leaking roof (which, like stucco and roof truss connections, isn't an isolated case), cracks, a failed retaining wall,. poorly constructed and maintained lagoons, etc.

Pulte can't silence me! I offer this website as a community service, dedicated to giving others the warning that we never had--about a dishonest, reckless, and arrogant builder, about their shoddy construction, and about how they treat their customers.

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Yaj said...

Your neighbors ought to wise up, see what is going on, and help you finance and produce this website as a community service.

Get real people! Get involved! You don't want it done right?

I should say something here - I am a home inspector in Northern Virginia, now for 27 years. I have done inspections for people who moved here AFTER living at Sun City Hilton Head and moved BECAUSE of the construction there.

I have realtor clients here who moved from there BECAUSE they were tired of selling houses with so many problems and so many call backs from their clients.

There is a degree of pride that goes with being a professional. They were not proud of the product they were selling.

Ten or twelve years ago we vacationed at Hilton Head and I ran into a Sun City executive who spent three days trying to recruit me to supervise the on-site supervisors. I politely declined because of the salary they offered. They wanted the proverbial million dollars worth of supervision, but only wanted to pay pennies in return.

Now I know why...