Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Getting away with shoddy construction

Shoddy construction is everywhere. The internet is full of examples of shoddy construction. Many who have bought homes during the last ten years have personal experience with shoddy construction.

Why do builders continue to get away with shoddy construction? Because they can, and it’s profitable for them to do so.

Inept local, state, and federal government “look the other way”, thanks to millions of dollars in political contributions from the powerful homebuilding lobby.

But, inept government, including those who represent us, is not the REAL reason that builders get away with shoddy construction. The real reason is YOU. Builders get away with shoddy construction because you let them get away with it. Victims of shoddy construction don’t speak out. Why?

* You’re apathetic. There are more important things to do. You don’t have the time. And besides, “I can’t make any difference”.

* You’re afraid. The big, bad builder with their money and lawyers will sue you.

* “It’s not cool.” My neighbors will think that I’m a kook.

* You’re dishonest. Deep down inside you know that you’d cut corners too if it meant more money in your pocket.

As long as you accept the status quo, then we’ll continue to get more of the same--more shoddy construction, more inept government, and more relegating the problem to the “back burner”.

Your children, your grandchildren, and the dishonest, reckless and corrupt builders who are responsible for shoddy construction thank you.


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