Thursday, December 25, 2008

Dancing with the devil

Pulte controls Sun City Hilton Head, SC. They control the Community Association with a Board of Directors that consists of a majority of Pulte employees. Pulte makes the rules, and, if a situation arises where the rules are not to Pulte’s liking, then Pulte changes the rules. Pulte unilaterally makes rules and changes rules without regard to the more than 12,000 residents living in 6,500 homes here.

Pulte controls those who serve on Board-appointed committees, like the Property and Grounds Committee. Pulte controls the committees’ agendas. When a committee “strays” into an area that may threaten Pulte, then Pulte changes the committee’s agenda, or fires them.

When I discovered that Pulte had substituted two nails for a hurricane clip in roof truss connections in this hurricane-prone area, and then didn’t put two nails in many connections (only one nail, or no nail), Pulte wouldn’t talk with me. Neither would the Community Association. Pulte makes the rules.

It’s also been discovered that there are widespread problems with stucco and lagoons (stormwater management ponds) here. Stucco wasn’t mixed and applied properly, and lagoons weren’t built according to the approved construction plans. While plants grow and birds walk around in the middle of these ponds, the P&G Committee says and does nothing as Pulte transfers ownership of the ponds to the residents. It could take millions of dollars to fix these ponds.

Then there is the retaining wall that collapsed, the roofs that leak, untreated stormwater runoff that is being discharged directly into protected wetlands, acres of dead trees, timber bridges, etc. The list goes on and on.

One would think that residents would be represented by elected Neighborhood Representatives. Not so. NRs spread Pulte propaganda to residents under the guise of “Things You Should Know” (TYSK). According to NRs and Pulte, the roof truss connections are OK, the stucco is OK, the lagoons are OK, the wetlands are OK—you name it—it’s all OK. When you question the NRs about this, they say “I’m just following orders.” Wasn’t that what was said at the Nuremburg trials?

You might ask: “Where is Beaufort County (Office of Building Code Enforcement and Office of Stormwater Management)? Where is South Carolina (Department of Health and Environmental Control and Department of Labor, Licensing and Regulation)?

It seems that there are many here who dance with the devil.


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pi.inspector said...

You are focused on Pulte but I have a little tidbit for you. It is not just Pulte it is an industry wide standard that most track home builders build the same way. When they changed the construction schedule from 9 month to 6 month to now in some cases 90 days for an average size home. All eithics, morals and quality were replaced with 20 some thing superintendants and $$$$$$$ SIGNS. This what also helped to contribute to the financial crisis we are in today. Quantity superceded demand and they started giving credit to just about anyone that walked through the door.