Thursday, May 15, 2008

Stucco lawsuits, Sun City Hilton Head, SC

September 3, 2008

On September 3, 2008, Pulte, Del Webb Communities, and South Carolina State Plastering, LLC, were named in 87 separate law suits filed in Beaufort County, SC by attorneys representing homeowners in Sun City Hilton Head. This is the first round of individual law suits brought against the developer and builder of Sun City Hilton Head after the Court ruled that the stucco case against the Developer cannot be handled as a class action lawsuit. It is expected that more individual lawsuits will be filed.

Estimates for removing and reapplying the stucco average $40,000 per house. For more information see

Following is from "Homeowner Stucco Defects Power Point Presentation", which can be found in the “Important Documents” folder:


Plaintiff’s Attorney
Q. …pursuant to South Carolina law, how long is the case going to be stayed?

Attorney for Pulte
A. Most likely indefinitely. These are all homeowners that have to be over 55 to live there. By the time all 4,000 comply, which they probably never will, half of them will already be dead.

Pulte has acknowledged, in sworn testimony, that:
• It did not employ the services of a design professional for the design of the stucco systems at issue.
• It has no knowledge of how to install a proper stucco control joint.
• There was no supervision of the stucco subcontractor with regard to proper stucco application.
• Following this lawsuit, Pulte began in July 2007 utilizing stucco control joints at the corners of windows and doors in its new construction across U.S. Hwy 278.

Sisnroy Engineering Report
Cracking in Stucco

“Eventually 100% of the homes will exhibit cracking due to excessive stress from improper stucco installation.”


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