Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Where is the federal government?

It starts with a problem with your own house. You eventually wonder what the experiences of those around you are. What problems are they having? You discover websites and you begin to realize that you are not alone. Others are experiencing problems far worse than yours, like

Normally, when it comes to federal regulations, I tend to be a Libertarian. However, for most people, their house is the largest purchase that they will ever make. Yet, the house building industry is largely unregulated, beyond the locality in which it’s built.

A person’s automobile, which typically costs a small fraction of what their house costs, is subject to numerous federal regulations. With automobiles, there are federal laws, inspections, recalls, and lemon laws. With houses there is nothing of the sort. House builders, large and small, without technical qualifications, turn out faulty products. Inspection is left to local governments, who likewise are staffed by those without technical qualifications. Community associations are useless to those with faulty houses. Community associations are controlled by developers, regardless of the number of units sold (which in the case of Sun City Hilton Head, SC is approximately 6,500) or left to be sold (approximately 2,000) or the time which the development has been in existence (more than a decade).

The house-building industry needs to be regulated similar to the way that the automobile-building industry is regulated. All of us have three representatives in the US Congress—two senators and one representative in the House of Representatives. Contact your Congressional representatives today and tell them that you want laws regulating house building, similar to existing laws that regulate automobile building.

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