Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Hurricane clips on valley trusses…now you see them (2003, today)…now you don’t (2004, 2005, 2006 and early 2007)

“ALL trusses (will be) strapped and installed per code, including houses already completed.”
Beaufort County Office of Building Code Enforcement, 1/31/07

“Our charter doesn’t allow us to address house issues.”
Sun City Hilton Head Community Association

“Sun City houses are robustly constructed.”
Charles Thom, PE, Pulte’s engineer

“We’ve found a few that have the proper connections missing…”
Arthur Cummings, Director, Beaufort County Office of Building Code Enforcement, in 8/18 Bluffton Today

“This was a mistake. We will do what’s necessary to make it right.”
Jon Cherry, Vice President, Pulte Homes

"There is no basis at this time for us to initiate an investigation of the issues in your correspondence. Beaufort County is the appropriate jurisdiction to direct your concerns."
Charles J. Ido
Chief of Investigations
Office of Investigations and Enforcement
South Carolina Dept. of Labor Licensing and Regulation
Columbia, SC

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