Monday, October 22, 2007

half ass

What's this with the "50% rule" where Pulte and/or Beaufort County is trying to tell us that if HALF of the connections on the valley trusses in our homes meet their specification of two toe nails per connection that it's OK? HALF? (I love the way that they make it up as they go along!) What a standard! HALF IS OK! In my book, we've got a term for that:--it's called "HALF ASS"! How reassuring for those of us who bought Pulte homes here that half right is good enough for Pulte and Beaufort County!

And, what's this about only inspecting the valley trusses over the garage? Whose bright idea was this? In a hurricane the unsecured valley trusses over your bedroom won't blow off--just the ones over your garage! It must be the same person who came up with the "HALF ASS" rule!

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