Tuesday, October 23, 2007

What if...?

What if it was discovered that the manufacturer of your brand new car put retreads on it and on all of its other new cars, but sold them as being new? They had been putting new tires on new cars, but then they decided that they could save a few bucks by putting retreads on each new car instead (just don't tell anyone).

What if you went to the manufacturer and they wouldn't talk to you about what you found? How would you feel about the manufacturer?

What if you tried to warn other people who bought the same model car that you did that they're riding around on retreads that they think are new tires? What if there was a club with nothing but owners of the same model as your new car? What if you went to them and said "You need to warn your members that they think they're riding on new tires, but they're really riding on retreads." What if the president of that club said "It's not in our charter to address car issues." How would you feel about that club and its president?

What if the government inspectors who were supposed to be protecting you when your new car was being built in the factory are saying "It's no big deal!" How would you feel about those government inspectors?

I hope that you see the analogy: new car/new car manufacturer/auto club/government inspectors vs. new house/builder/community association/county inspectors.

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